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June 2017

  • Albertus, Michael Landowners and democracy: The social origins of democracy reconsidered. WORLD POLITICS, 69(2), 2017(April): 233-276
    Keywords:Agriculture; Landowners; Democracy; Social origins; Taxation. Control No. : 79572
  • Basu, Shubhabrata and Moovendhan, V Were public sector banks victimised through AQR? a strategic orientation perspective. ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL WEEKLY, 52(12), 2017(March): 97-105
    Keywords:Banking; Banking challenges; Strategic orientation; RBI. Control No. : 79475
  • Ercan, Selen A From polarisation to pluralisation: A deliberative approach to illiberal cultures. INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL SCIENCE REVIEW, 38(1), 2017 (January): 114-127
    Keywords: Democracy; Illiberal cultures; Polarisation; Agonism; Deliberative democracy. Control No. : 79518
  • Alfano, Marco Daughters, dowries, deliveries: The effect of marital payments on fertility choices in India. JOURNAL OF DEVELOPMENT ECONOMICS, 125(3), 2017(March): 89-104
    Keywords: Economics; Dowries; Marital payments; Fertility; Economic returns. Control No. : 79584


July 2017

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